Barthélemy Paléologue

Developer for fun


3D Planetarium

From the rings of Saturn to pulsars, explore our solar system and other space phenomenons in 3D inside your browser. This 3D planetarium helps you grasp the scale of the universe going from as small as our moon to as big as the biggest stars and even galaxies.

Rigidbody Physics

Avalanche is a 3D rigidbody physics engine that runs in the browser. It was made at Telecom Paris for my first year of master. Avalanche comes with many optimizations such as broad phase detection, rest detection and spatial hashgrids.

Procedural Universe

An infinite procedural universe with believable star systems accessible from a starmap inside your browser. Each system is comprised of planets with dynamic level of detail (LOD) that enables the player to go from space to the surface seemlessly using a spaceship.

Atmospheric Scattering

Reatime simulation of Rayleigh Scattering in order to achieve a realistic volumetric atmosphere visual effect. It is one of the building blocks of Planet Engine.

Liquid Simulation

A 3D fluid simulation pipeline created at Telecom Paris. It simulates the fluid using the IISPH method then generates a volume using the industry standard OpenVDB so that it can be rendered using Blender Cycles.

Cloth Simulation

A small cloth simulation that runs in the browser. It is based on opencloth and can react to collisions with spheres.


Boids is a simulation of flocking behavior. The goal is to create a swarm of birds that can fly together in a realistic manner with collision avoidance and group behavior.

Orbital Mechanics

A simulation of orbital mechanics using Newton's laws or Kepler's laws of celestial motion. While Newton gives a more realistic outcome, you might prefer Kepler's laws for their stability.

Wave Interferences

Realtime visualization of interferences between up to 10 wave emitters.

Fractal Explorer

Fractals are beautiful mathematical objects that can be generated using simple rules. This tool allows you to explore the Mandelbrot set, Julia sets, Newton fractals and fractal trees all in one place.

FBM Noises

Online interface to tweak fractal brownian motion noises. It provides Simplex, Worley and Value noises. You can change the number of octaves, the lacunarity and the persistence of the noise as well as tweaking domain warping.


Online drawing canvas that allows you to draw digits and classify them using a simple neural network trained on the MNIST dataset.


EdelGAN is a generative AI capable of generating Fire Emblem: Three Houses' style portraits of characters. The website showcases the best portraits generated by the AI and the source code used for the training.

Game of Life

Game of Life is the famous cellular automaton created by John Conway. It showcases emergent behavior from simple rules and is fascinating to see in action. This version enables you to save and load your own patterns.


A visualization of the evolution of the popularity of first names in France from 1900 to 2019. This viz features an interactive map that can showcase the most popular names for a given year range or the popularity of a given name over time.

Drawing application

A paint like application built with Qt to draw geometric shape and edit them. It was made for my first year of master at Telecom Paris.

Movie Center

An Electron application that allows you to organize your movies on your computer with ease. You can mark movies as favorites and movie posters are retrieved automatically from the internet.

Deep Soviet

Totally unbiased and objective neural network trained to detect communism in images. It was made as a joke project to learn how to use Keras and Tensorflow.

Achtung Die Kruve

A recreation of the flash game Achtung Die Kurve. You can play up to 20 players on the same keyboard (you might be running out of space on your keyboard though...)