What's new ?

Version 2.9

- Added an ambient music
- You can now disable the ambient music by pressing [M]
- You can now toggle the information pannel by pressing [I]
- You can now set a new date by pressing [T]
- Improved interface on PC
- Improved interface on mobile
- You can now access the information pannel on mobile
- Improved Galaxies
- Little Fixes
- Added new backgrounds
- Change patch note's font (seriously, that was unreadable ^^)

Version 2.8

- Added seasons on planets
- You can now disable asteroid belts by pressing [H]
- You can now take a screenshot by pressing [P]
- You can now display FPS number by pressing [K]
- Added a gallery in which you can find all backgrounds of Solaris, downloadfree, reusefree
- Improved Saturn's rings in "Saturn and its satellites"
- Improved Galaxy generator
- Planet's labels are now bigger than satellite's labels
- Added new backgrounds
- Improved interface on mobile
- Improved feedback page
- Bugs have been fixed

Version 2.7

- Added a label system for all celestial bodies
- Added a new simulation based on Uranus and its satellites
- Added the ability to change dynamically the date
- Added keyboard shortcuts (O to toggle orbits, C to zoom, G toggle godrays, N to toggle labels et F to toggle antialiasing)
- Added a new space skybox
- Added a new parameter for star dispertion in the Galaxy generator
- Added a new parameter for the contrast
- Added a little bloom
- Added new backgrounds
- Changed Jupiter's and Betelgeuse's texture
- Solaris is now running on BabylonJS 3.0
- Significant optimization
- Bugs have been fixed
- Minor other changes

Version 2.6

- Added an English Version
- Improved loading screen
- Corrected the content of the information pannel
- Added a new simulation centered on Jupiter
- Added a new simulation centered on Pulsars
- Improved orbits
- Improved free navigation
- Improved interface
- Improved Hyperspace travel
- Galaxy generator has been reworked
- Added new textures for Mercury, the Moon, Mimas, Tethys, Dione et Rhea
- Added missing features in some simulations
- Informations and settings pannels are no longer resizable
- Bugs have been fixed
- Minor improvements

Use W A S D Space and Shift to move